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Become a partner school

We keep our promise of offering the best tutors that deliver high quality lessons.

Work with us!

We are always keen to hear from new primary schools and secondary schools who would be interested in working with us. We are currently seeking new partner schools in London, Luton and Birmingham.

Our aim is to make organising tutoring as simple and as effective as possible for schools.


Tutoring can benefit your pupils by:

- Improving their academic attainment in the tutored subject.

- Boosting their confidence through individual attention.

- Helping them to develop their independent study skills.

- Meeting and interacting with new adults, building on their communications skills in preparation for secondary school.


Flexible timing

We typically provide tutoring during the school day. This retains the structure and habits that students are used to and helps to ensure their full attendance. Tutoring at the weekends and after the school day can be provided as an alternative.


Tutor allocation

The model of tutoring that we have found to be most successful for large groups of pupils is when a small group of tutors (or even a single tutor) deliver several hours of tutoring at a time.  In this model the same tutor may work at the school for 2 or 3 hours on any given day, rotating through groups.


Online and face to face tutoring

As well as face-to-face tutoring, we also offer online virtual tutoring sessions via our online platform each week, using computers in your school. The set up and structure of these sessions follow the same format as our face-to-face tutoring.


Tutoring for impact

Tutoring is most effective when delivered on a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 basis.

Research has shown that students need a minimum of 12 hours of tutoring for it to have a meaningful impact. For this reason, schools book in a minimum of 15 hours of tuition per pupil.


Become a partner!

For further information on school partnerships, please contact or call us on 02087957636.

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