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Meet our team

Passionate and dedicated, our team strives to help and inspire individuals in achieving their career dreams.



CEO & Founder

"Our true purpose in life is to become the best version of ourselves, by living life by choice, not by chance. By making changes, not excuses. By being motivated, not manipulated. By being useful, not used. By choosing self-esteem, not self-pity. By listening to our inner voice and not the random opinions of others."

Ali is the CEO and Founder of Career Tree, he is also the Marketing Director and member of the Board of Governors for the UK’s largest private higher education group. Prior to forming Career Tree and before joining the group, Ali was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and graduated with a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With a strong leadership background and ability to think creatively and analytically, he has ambitious plans to establish Career Tree as the leading international provider of Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance. 

Amazing fact: Other than his devotion to Career Tree, Ali has a passion for flying and owns a share in a small aeroplane, which he uses to fly with friends on weekend trips. He and a group of pilots are planning the largest around the world formation flight, consisting of over 30 different aircrafts.

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Senior Project Manager

"The greatest project you can ever manage is yourself. If you’re not working on wholesomeness towards yourself, you’re working against yourself."

Graduating in mass communications, Michael’s extensive background is a hybrid of marketing, advertising, journalism, web design and business. Through Michael’s corporate experience as an international account manager, he built great relationships across Europe, the Middle East and Africa with key decision-makers from the likes of Samsung, Ericsson, Apple, Microsoft, Sony and various others within research and development. Being at the Career Tree for over half a decade now, Michael believes that the future of this business will rely heavily on innovation and he is extremely passionate about Career Tree becoming the UK’s number 1 education, training and employment consultancy.

Amazing fact: When Michael isn’t at golf or managing his vegan App, he often travels to Milan or Paris to meet with friends who are part of a writer’s group where they occasionally share their newest pieces of work. Michael hopes to publish his anthology online.



Senior Consultant

"I thrive on being able to help people achieve their long term goals and transform their lives through education."

As one of Career Tree's exemplary consultants, Elaina has a natural ability to guide others. With extensive experience in recruitment and administration, she is passionate to find innovative solutions to any challenge.

Amazing fact: Elaina believes having a positive outlook has many health benefits. She goes to the gym regularly (and then rewards herself with maybe five cheeky digestive biscuits). On a wellness health kick, she's swapped her morning latte with a smoothie but she cannot eat a meal without her Hellmann's Mayo! Elaina is a fan of Helen Fisher, an anthropologist specialising in the studies of the evolution of human emotions. She's an avid reader with a focus on self-improvement. Her coworkers describe her as fiercely loyal, and a force of nature when achieving any goals.

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Senior Consultant

"The 4 D's of Success:  Desire, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline."

Daniel is a senior consultant at Career Tree with a multitude of experience in interviewing, candidate generation, screening resume and prospecting. He is a hardworking, clear-minded and a dedicated worker who loves to have a good laugh. Attention to detail with quality and care from start till finish.

Amazing fact: Daniel loves to make music and once performed at a French Montana concert at the 02 Arena. He has developed strong interests in reading, writing, and public speaking. He’s full of energy and never fails to make the rest of the team smile.




"I am dedicated to discovering talent and adapt a creative approach tailored to each person’s individual needs."

An experienced recruitment consultant with a background in Business Management. Runa has a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others actualise their potential. She has a unique ability to intuit others' emotions and motivations. Runa strives to have deep connections with people and she is always here to offer a friendly ear with her intrinsic drive to do what she can to make the world a better place.

Amazing fact: Runa believes she has the ability to predict the future; so if you're planning on playing the lottery, she's your girl! She is a strong believer in empowering women and works with a charity giving opportunities and access to resources for women wanting to get back into employment; helping them look fabulous and feel confident. She has a dream to build an orphanage and is working closely with an organisation to make that dream a reality. Growing up she had a fascination with becoming an astronaut, but at 4ft11, she didn’t meet the height requirement! NASA's loss is our gain, Runa is proof that good things come in small packages, and with an obsession for skincare, she's our little glowing ray of sunshine in the office every day!

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"Being able to help setting a direction in people's lives fulfils me, as I know how hard it can be to find your career path sometimes, so working for Career Tree makes it possible to help others achieve their ideal future."

Fannika has recently finished her studies in psychology which allows her to understand people's desires and future goals. She has five years of experience in the sales industry as well as administration. With these skills combined, she believes she can provide an essential service to the candidates and have their trust to consult their future with her. Fannika is also currently part of a nutrition company which requires her to keep a good relationship with her clientele circle and provides day to day assistance to allow them to achieve their health and body goals.

Amazing fact: With her wonderful flexible and coordinated ability, Fannika has spent the first half of her life competing in gymnastics tournaments across Central Europe!

Muj 2 BW.jpg



"I believe that encouraging people to go to university is a refreshing take on regular sales, which makes the job all the more satisfying and fulfilling."

Muj comes from a background in healthcare recruitment which can be perceived as incredibly intense. Despite this, he has been able to take this as a rewarding and forming experience to help those in the healthcare industry. His main focus was progressing their careers by offering them a path to further education, which not only opened new doors but granted them another chance at education.

Amazing fact: In his free time when he’s not playing video games, Muj is learning the great art of reading and speaking Japanese.




"Connecting people is the key to business development."

As one of the more recent additions to the team, Leyla has a broad skill set developed through her experience working within international IT recruitment. With her strong corporate background, she is no stranger to building connections with partners and candidates, placing them in exciting roles with a focus on business development.

Amazing fact: Leyla is the youngest member of the team. She has an incredibly warm personality and loves spending time socializing with her friends. She’s been dubbed an “undercover matchmaker" and has an amazing ability at making people believe in themselves. Just don’t be put off by her fascination with forensic crime documentaries and her weird habit of dunking custard creams in water.

Gabriela 2 BW.jpg



"Don’t be afraid to start over. If you try hard enough, everything is possible."

Gabriela has worked in sales, consulting and quality assurance. She recently obtained a master’s degree in HR, which has helped her develop extraordinary communication skills. She describes herself as a person who loves meeting new people and making a positive contribution to their lives, taking a genuine interest in everyone.

Amazing fact: In her free time, Gabriela writes on her personal blog about various topics, from funny childhood memories to life lessons and psychology reviews. She also tries to adopt a balanced lifestyle, in which sports and healthy cooking are a priority. Equally important are staying up until late with friends and cherishing life’s simple pleasures.

Abdul 2 BW.jpg



"My prime aim is to develop individuals from all ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life through access to further education."

A pharmaceutical graduate with experience in medical sales, leadership and customer service. Abdul is a firm believer in if you don’t try you don’t achieve. He is kind and compassionate towards his team members and candidates and is willing to go that extra mile whenever possible.

Amazing fact: Abdul lives his life in the fast lane with a keen interest in sports cars. He has a strong passion for buying and renovating properties that materialised from a young age watching ‘Homes under the Hammer’. As the hockey captain at school, he’s a real team player who loves spending time with his family and can’t say no to a Vanilla Latte finding himself at Costa every weekend!

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"One of the most wonderful sciences to learn is the science of human beings: psychology.

Shota graduated in Business Management with Finance, which established the basis of his career. But he did not want to stop there. After completing his undergraduate degree, Shota took his education a step further and completed a master’s degree in International Business Management. Being passionate about international business and intercultural communication, he speaks 4 languages: English, German, Georgian, Russian. Apart from his vast business and management experience on an international scale, Shota spends his time reading about psychoanalysis, which is a subject that fascinates him deeply.

Amazing fact: When not reading about psychology, Shota loves playing billiard and has won several championships.

Rogersa 2 BW.jpg


Customer Care Coordinator

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength;  mastering yourself is true power."

An ambitious Art and Design student and a future architect looking for opportunities and gaining experience to improve and advance her career. Resourceful and hardworking with a background in sales, Rogersa is highly artistic, always remaining on-task and fluent in 5 languages. With her previous experience, she believes she can gain her candidate’s trust and bring the best out of them.

Amazing fact: In her free time, Rogersa loves taking photos and videos of her family and friends, transforming them into animations. Sometimes she loses herself in meditation and books. She has a good eye for interior design and architecture so she spends her time decorating empty spaces. Equally important for her is taking care of her cat and spreading her joy and warmth.

Rahim BW.jpg



“Helping people achieve their true potential is my number one mission.”

After having graduated in Accounting and Finance, Rahim has built 6 years of sales experience in which he discovered his passion and skills for helping people. The knowledge gained from previous roles come in really handy for Rahim, as he developed an ability to adapt and overcome any difficulties he may face. Not only this, but he's driven by 

Amazing fact: Despite his fear of heights, Rahim often goes out of his comfort zone and engages in thrilling activities such as cliff diving and paragliding. He loves to travel and explore countries, where he discovers new things about every culture.

Cherelle BW.jpg


NTP Programme Coordinator

"Your life is an empty book, create a story you'd want to read."

Cherelle graduated from Roehampton university with a First Class Honours degree in English Language and Linguistics. Since then, her career has been focused in the fulfilling and rewarding education sector. She has tutored, managed two tuition centres and worked with adults who are completing apprenticeships. Cherelle's passion is helping people to become the best version of themselves.

Amazing fact: When Cherelle isn't helping others succeed at work, she runs a Scented Products side business with her sister. They sell candles and Reed Diffusers online and at weekend markets.

Jeffrey BW.jpg


NTP Programme Administrator

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

After volunteering as Teaching Assistant for Future Leaders Underprivileged Children's Centre in Accra, Jeffrey has been inspired to pick up a role in the Education sector. He has taken this opportunity to become an Administrator at Career Tree and is currently on a placement year studying Politics and Economics.

Amazing fact: Jeffrey is a close relative to the former president of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor.