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Meet our team

Passionate and dedicated, our team strives to help and inspire individuals in achieving their career dreams.



CEO & Founder

"Our true purpose in life is to become the best version of ourselves, by living life by choice, not by chance. By making changes, not excuses. By being motivated, not manipulated. By being useful, not used. By choosing self-esteem, not self-pity. By listening to our inner voice and not the random opinions of others."

Ali is the CEO and Founder of Career Tree, he is also the Marketing Director and member of the Board of Governors for the UK’s largest private higher education group. Prior to forming Career Tree and before joining the group, Ali was a pilot in the Royal Air Force and graduated with a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering. With a strong leadership background and ability to think creatively and analytically, he has ambitious plans to establish Career Tree as the leading international provider of Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance. 

Amazing fact: Other than his devotion to Career Tree, Ali has a passion for flying and owns a share in a small aeroplane, which he uses to fly with friends on weekend trips. He and a group of pilots are planning the largest around the world formation flight, consisting of over 30 different aircrafts.

Michael BW.jpg


Programme Manager

"Every expert was once a beginner..."

Graduating in mass communications, Michael’s extensive background is a hybrid of marketing, advertising, journalism, web design and business. Through Michael’s corporate experience as an international account manager, he built great relationships across Europe, the Middle East and Africa with key decision-makers from the likes of Samsung, Ericsson, Apple, Microsoft, Sony and various others within research and development. Being at the Career Tree for over half a decade now, Michael believes that the future of this business will rely heavily on innovation and he is extremely passionate about Career Tree becoming the UK’s number 1 education, training and employment consultancy.

Amazing fact: What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; for there is nothing new under the sun.



IAG Team Leader

"I thrive on being able to help people achieve their long term goals and transform their lives through education."

As one of Career Tree's exemplary consultants, Elaina has a natural ability to guide others. With extensive experience in recruitment and administration, she is passionate to find innovative solutions to any challenge.

Amazing fact: Elaina believes having a positive outlook has many health benefits. She goes to the gym regularly (and then rewards herself with maybe five cheeky digestive biscuits). On a wellness health kick, she's swapped her morning latte with a smoothie but she cannot eat a meal without her Hellmann's Mayo! Elaina is a fan of Helen Fisher, an anthropologist specialising in the studies of the evolution of human emotions. She's an avid reader with a focus on self-improvement. Her coworkers describe her as fiercely loyal, and a force of nature when achieving any goals.

Daniel 2 BW.jpg


IAG Team Leader

"The 4 D's of Success:  Desire, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline."

Daniel is a IAG Team Leader at Career Tree with a multitude of experience in interviewing, candidate generation, screening resume and prospecting. He is a hardworking, clear-minded and a dedicated worker who loves to have a good laugh. Attention to detail with quality and care from start till finish.

Amazing fact: Daniel loves to make music and once performed at a French Montana concert at the 02 Arena. He has developed strong interests in reading, writing, and public speaking. He’s full of energy and never fails to make the rest of the team smile.

IMG-20230310-WA0000 2.jpg


IAG Team Leader

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."

Shema comes from a wide professional background in Welfare to work, Recruitment, Teaching, Employability and Apprenticeships.  With an extensive background in Business Management, Shema likes to take on a challenge and strives for excellence. She is currently on her way to completing a Leadership and Management qualification. 

Amazing fact: Shema has an innate ability to help people to achieve their dreams and goals.  She has interests in Quantum Physics and Science Fiction. 



IAG Advisor

"Connecting people is the key to business development."

As one of the more recent additions to the team, Leyla has a broad skill set developed through her experience working within international IT recruitment. With her strong corporate background, she is no stranger to building connections with partners and candidates, placing them in exciting roles with a focus on business development.

Amazing fact: Leyla is the youngest member of the team. She has an incredibly warm personality and loves spending time socializing with her friends. She’s been dubbed an “undercover matchmaker" and has an amazing ability at making people believe in themselves. Just don’t be put off by her fascination with forensic crime documentaries and her weird habit of dunking custard creams in water.

Abdul 2 BW.jpg


IAG Advisor

"My prime aim is to develop individuals from all ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life through access to further education."

A pharmaceutical graduate with experience in medical sales, leadership and customer service. Abdul is a firm believer in if you don’t try you don’t achieve. He is kind and compassionate towards his team members and candidates and is willing to go that extra mile whenever possible.

Amazing fact: Abdul lives his life in the fast lane with a keen interest in sports cars. He has a strong passion for buying and renovating properties that materialised from a young age watching ‘Homes under the Hammer’. As the hockey captain at school, he’s a real team player who loves spending time with his family and can’t say no to a Vanilla Latte finding himself at Costa every weekend!



IAG Advisor

"Knowledge has a beginning but no end."

Kat just recently graduated from London South Bank University with a BSc (Hons) Forensic Science. Her biggest dream is to become a digital forensic scientist and help law enforcement fight cybercrime within cyberspace. She is highly-organized and dedicated with a background in customer service and problem solving. In addition to this Kat has also worked as a University Advisor with teenagers between the ages of 13-18 years old. She believes education and knowledge is the key to achieving your wildest dreams.

Amazing fact: Not only is Kat a science enthusiast but she is also very interested in anything to do with computers. She built her first PC tower in 2019 and has been using it ever since. She also loves playing video
games in her free time and is a massive book hoarder.



IAG Advisor

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."

Within his time working in customer support Juan has developed a good amount of skills that he has used to help and assist people in solving problems and creating new projects. He is the type of person who will always seek to go the extra-mile to help others

Amazing fact: Juan, like any Colombian person he loves to dance and listen to music. He also enjoys cooking and watching anime.



IAG Advisor

"I've always had this attitude about no excuses. A belief that I can go on and do what I need to do. To go on, to succeed, regardless."

Anwar is an outgoing, charismatic person who strives to become a better version of himself every single day. He is confident that he will offer each of his applicants an amazing experience because of his prior recruitment and sales experience.

Amazing fact: Anwar is extremely passionate and interested in both football and mixed martial arts (MMA). He presently attends mixed martial arts courses and aspires to one day engage in semi-professional competitions.



IAG Advisor

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.” – Bruce Lee 

Zacarias is a Business and Management graduate with extensive experience in sales and customer service. He is a bilingual who can speak and write in Portuguese and English. In addition, he is an individual who values honesty, has great communication skills and is always taking on new skills.

Amazing fact: Zacarias loves to dance, he is good at various physical sports and activities. He loves training his nephews in football and being a mentor and a great example for them. In addition to all this Zacarias always likes to find a way to make people happy and smile.

unnamed (1)_edited_edited.jpg


IAG Advisor

“Can’t run away from the past, it catches up real fast."

Emy is extremely organised and meticulous and has exceptional attention to detail ‘so nothing gets past her’ she is a very confident individual with a passion for music, song-writing and recording, she graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with honours in music and has a passion for changing people’s lives.  

Amazing fact: Emy Writes her own music and is a multi-instrumentalist. Emys journey didn’t start in England but thousands of miles away from Australia the transition to a new culture wasn’t easy but adapting to a new environment quickly became a skill.



IAG Advisor

"If it was easy everyone would do it! "

Ever since Alex was a child he had a real passion for the Business sector and is really excited to share his passion for Business with others. Alex graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Business Management and Communications degree. Through being able to overcome uncertainty when he finished school, he was unaware of what resources were available to him to help him decide what to do in his future. This experience has motivated him to go the extra mile to inspire others. Alex believes that you can do anything you put your mind to and wants to push people to their true potential. 

Amazing fact: When Alex isn't thinking about Business ideas he likes to spend any free time that he gets playing different sports. We are not just talking about football he is also a cricket and golf enthusiast. 



IAG Advisor

"The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them."

Jordan is a Business Management graduate who has broad experience in customer service. He has developed skills such as problem-solving and working well under pressure. He is honest, friendly, and always happy to help others.

Amazing fact: Jordan is really passionate about football and attends live matches on a regular basis. He is also currently taking online courses to become a football agent. Additionally, Jordan has travelled to several countries around the world.



IAG Advisor

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Deborah is a history and politics graduate with a range of experience in customer service, student support, and recruitment. She is passionate about delivering an excellent customer experience and encouraging others to reach their full potential within education and employment. She is also eager to motivate and support anyone to achieve their dreams.

Amazing fact: Deborah enjoys travelling and trying new things. She even went parasailing in Cyprus! She loves having deep conversations and even has her own podcast which she co-founded with her friends, that discusses real-life topics that affect young people today!

IMG_6262 2.heic


IAG Advisor

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes."

Tam has a passion for education that has led her to teach for the last 8 years across two continents. She graduated majoring in Education and minors in Health and Psychology. Tam knows that learning is for life and as humans, we are always evolving and growing. An outgoing and bubbly people person, she finds herself at her best when communicating and helping others. With a positive mindset and grit, she believes you can achieve anything!

Amazing fact: Tam thinks that buying and reading books are two completely separate hobbies. She has an unhealthy obsession with travelling and has explored over 20 countries. Tam is an avid fan of caramel lattes and can eat her body weight in chocolate. You can find her painting and brunching on weekends.



Digital Marketing Executive

"If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done."

With a strong passion for Digital Marketing and Social Media, Jolyn is excited to see her creative ideas come to life through digital platforms. She started her career in Singapore as a social media marketer and oversaw all social activities for a global company. Never one to shy away from challenges, Jolyn looks forward to continuing to grow and challenge herself on these fronts.

Amazing fact: Jolyn considers herself a foodie (to some extent) but sometimes, all it takes is an avocado toast to cheer her up. She loves trying new restaurants in town as soon as they open and her favourite cuisine is Korean food! Hit her up for the nicest Korean food in town!

Rogersa 2 BW.jpg


Customer Care Coordinator

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength;  mastering yourself is true power."

An ambitious Art and Design student and a future architect looking for opportunities and gaining experience to improve and advance her career. Resourceful and hardworking with a background in sales, Rogersa is highly artistic, always remaining on-task and fluent in 5 languages. With her previous experience, she believes she can gain her candidate’s trust and bring the best out of them.

Amazing fact: In her free time, Rogersa loves taking photos and videos of her family and friends, transforming them into animations. Sometimes she loses herself in meditation and books. She has a good eye for interior design and architecture so she spends her time decorating empty spaces. Equally important for her is taking care of her cat and spreading her joy and warmth.

IMG_3323 2.jpg


Customer Care Coordinator

"No rain, no flowers."

Jada is a Business Management graduate who has broadened her skills in the field of business marketing, referencing & customer service. Jada finds herself thriving when helping others and she is passionate about what does.

Amazing fact: Jada enjoys painting so much that she has started to paint on the walls of her house because there’s no more room for canvases.



CRM Coordinator

"The only constant is change. We have to cope with change all the time and the best thing we can do is to face change and embrace it by improving ourselves."

After graduating with a sociology degree from university, Emma worked in the healthcare industry with experience in business analysis, strategic planning, and project management for 10 years. After that, Emma continues her education with a degree in post national media and communication in London.

Amazing fact: Emma likes reading in her spare time which helps her to stay relax. 

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