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Career progression

Resources for personal and professional development, learning material and interactive educational videos.

Choosing a career

It is not easy choosing a career, especially considering today's competitive market.

Most employers ask for qualifications or previous experience, and having none of these may have a negative impact on your job application.

It is predicted that by 2022 half of all jobs will require a higher education qualification of some type.

Having a degree also involves you being able to access more specialist jobs. If you want to progress up until a certain level in your career, the most effective way is getting a degree alongside work experience.



There are a lot of courses out there and we understand it might feel overwhelming when choosing a degree. Making the right choice is important as there are a lot of commitments future students need to take, such as time and resources.

We were founded on the premises that our passion is to help students choose the right career for themselves and make calculated decisions about following a degree.

Therefore, when you get the right career support, even something as important as choosing your educational path seems easy with us.



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