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Airport Information Assistant

London, UK

Part Time

Level 3 and above

About the Role

You would give passengers in the airport accurate information about flights and schedules. You'd provide clear directions so they can find their way around the airport.

You'd help people with information about changes to flights, including passengers who may be impatient or angry after a tiring journey or delays.

You would:

  • Give out information about flights and airport services

  • Direct passengers to find their way around the airport, for example, to send them to the right departure gate

  • Answer telephone enquiries

  • Make announcements on the public address system

  • Handle complaints

  • Update and monitor the computerised flight information system

Most of your time would be spent at the information desk in the main concourse, working as part of a small team.

In smaller airports you may also exchange foreign currency, book hotels and car hire and deal with lost property.


Minimum qualifications and skills


  • Any qualifications and experience that demonstrate helping customers and an interest in travel, tourism or hospitality

  • Clear, fluent English speaker

  • Positive attitude

  • Cooperating, empathising and respecting

  • Attention to detail

  • Eligibility to work in the UK


  • National Certificate in International travel with Airport Ground Operations

  • Qualifications and experience that show helping customers and an interest in travel, tourism or hospitality

  • Communication and language qualifications

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