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Cake Decorator

Birmingham, UK

Part Time

Level 3 and above

About the Role

You would design and decorate wonderful cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

You would cover the cakes in icing and decorate them. You might add messages and names written in icing or chocolate or sugar paste decorations like flowers or models of a bride and groom.

You would:

  • Meet people to find out what kind of design they’d like

  • Draw sketches to show them your design

  • Calculate the ingredients needed for the size of cake

  • Bake the cake in time for the event

  • Make fillings

  • Create decorations and fix them to the cake

  • Write names and messages on the cake

You would set up and clear away the baking equipment and would need to keep the fridges and equipment clean and hygienic. You’d check the ingredients you have in stock and make sure you have enough or order more.


Minimum qualifications and skills


  • Qualifications and experience in baking, pastry or cake decorating will be of value

  • Working with numbers

  • Time management

  • Designing, creative and innovative

  • Attention to detail

  • Developing a plan

  • Managing resources

  • Eligibility to work in the UK


  • Specialist qualification such as cake decoration and production

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