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Community Development Worker

London, UK

Part Time

Level 3 and above

About the Role

You would work with individuals, families, young people and groups on projects to improve life in their local areas.

Your work might address a wide range of issues such as how to improve local facilities, leisure and housing, or how to reduce anti-social behaviour. You could also specialise in just one field.

You would:

  • Find out about local needs and problems

  • Give people ways to voice their opinions

  • Raise awareness about community issues

  • Help local people to take action

  • Research existing projects aimed at similar problems

  • Develop new ways to approach problems

  • Build links with other groups and agencies

  • Raise funds and manage budgets

  • Recruit and train staff and volunteers

  • Plan meetings and events

  • Help people gain the skills to run their own community groups

  • Keep records and do paperwork


Minimum qualifications and skills


  • Any qualification or equivalent practical experience

  • Clear, fluent English speaker

  • Mentoring and cooperating

  • Respecting and reliable

  • Building relationships

  • Motivating others

  • Time management

  • Eligibility to work in the UK


  • Experience in a related field such as social or youth work

  • Driving licence

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