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London, UK

Full Time

Level 3 and above

About the Role

You would guide a mother to bring her baby safely into the world. You’d help her through this emotionally and physically demanding experience at all stages - before, during and after the birth.

You would care for and support pregnant women and their babies. Each woman will trust you to do your best to keep their baby healthy and safe.

Before the birth, you would:

  • Advise the pregnant woman on issues like healthy eating

  • Explain the options, such as giving birth in hospital or at home, natural childbirth and types of pain relief

  • Run classes about pregnancy (antenatal) and parenting

  • Regularly check the health of the mother and baby

During the labour, you would:

  • Check how labour is progressing

  • Monitor the baby

  • Give pain relief or suggest how to manage pain

  • Deliver the baby

  • Call a doctor if you notice any medical problems

You would need to stay calm under pressure. You’d try to keep the mother and her birth partner calm as well.

Once the baby is born, you would advise families about feeding, bathing and generally caring for their baby.

As a midwife based in the community, you would visit people's homes to check on the health of the mother and baby.


Minimum qualifications and skills


  • Any qualifications levels 3 to 6 or equivalent practical experience

  • Clear, fluent English speaker

  • Empathising, supporting and listening

  • Taking responsibility

  • Developing a plan

  • Social conscience

  • Making decisions

  • Eligibility to work in the UK


  • Qualifications that show understanding of health and wellbeing

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