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What is the admission process step-by-step?

1- Book free consultation appointment:


  • Before applying for university, it is better to get advice from experts within education to guide you on what courses or programmes are best suited to you.

  • Career Tree will provide you with a free face to face consultation where you can ask our experts anything in relation to university and our services.

  • We will help to advise you so you can choose a course that is right for you, whilst we go over any questions, doubts or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2- Online Application


  • Our customer care team will assist you in completing the online application which is the first official step of applying to university. 

  • The team will inform you of what documents and evidence you need to provide.

  • Usually, you need to provide your personal details such as ID, address, qualification and work experience.

3- Math & English Test

  • In some cases, candidates need to pass the Math and English tests. 

  • This will be a multiple choice test, equivalent to GCSE level and below.

  • You get 2 attempts for each test so if you struggle the first time, you can practice and come back to try again.

4- Personal Statement


  • The Personal Statement letter is a formal cover letter to demonstrate your desire, experience, knowledge, and competency for your chosen degree. This is where we encourage prospects to give a good account of themselves to make a good impression on the university.

  • This could be an opportunity to explain why you would want to study a degree, why you believe you are suitable to study this subject at university and so on.

  • Don’t worry if you have a problem with writing your personal statement, our team will help and support you to write a strong statement letter based on your chosen degree and relevant experience.

5- Academic Interview


  • University interviews are very common in the UK. Some universities will have an interview with their new applicants before accepting their offer for a university course.

  • The admissions team will assess everyone individually, based on their situation, skills, abilities, and chosen degree. 

  • There is also an opportunity for applicants to prove to us how they feel about the courses to show their interest and commitment towards the degree.


If we have a candidate with a disability, particular learning difficulty, long-term health condition, injury or other specific need, we will make every effort to meet your requirements, but make sure you tell us well before the interview and provide proof of your particular condition to the interviewers. 

Example of most common interview questions:

  • Why do you want to study this subject?

  • How would you describe yourself?

  • What kind of skills and experiences do you have?

  • What are your main interests and passions?

  • What are your career plans after graduation?

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