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 Mature students 

Each year, thousands of mature students go to university to learn and develop new skills, at any age.

What is on this page?

  • Who are mature students?

  • What qualifications should you have?

  • How to apply for university?

  • Benefit of being mature students.

Mature students:

  • A mature student is a person who can start studying at university with little to no previous education. 

  • Anyone over the age of 21 who has relevant or transferable experience may qualify as a mature student for certain institutions.

  • Many people don’t believe it is common or possible to enroll in university after a lengthy absence from studying, however, over half of mature students are between the ages of 21 and 25, and roughly 40% are over 30.

What qualifications should you have?


  • As a student, if you want to apply to university, you should provide evidence of your ability and experience to study at an appropriate degree.

  • A lot of universities no longer require UCAS points & GCSE’s to get into higher education.

  • Although formal qualifications such as GCSE’s & A Levels help, you do not need to hold any formal qualifications to study at many universities, as they focus on candidates having relevant/transferable work experience.

How to apply for university?

  • As mature students, you can apply for full-time or flexible and part-time courses.

  • Book in a free consultation with one of our Career advisors to get started with your journey.

  • We offer a smooth admissions process, some of which can be completed in a single day.

Most of our candidates have a full-time job or have family commitments. No matter what situation you’re in, we will provide you with the most suitable study modes. Step by step admission process.

Benefit of being mature students:


Most mature students, because they haven't been in the education system for many years, worry that they will struggle to cope. But there are plenty of advantages for studying at university as a mature student.


  1. You have a career plan

  • As a mature student you will have a clearer plan of what and why you want to study. 

  • Having both life and work experience provides an opportunity to figure out what motivates and interests you. 

  • Most mature learners choose employability-focused degrees as they have a specific career path in mind.


  2. Study whilst you work

  • Flexible learning is a great choice for people who are currently working full time and don't want to quit their job. 

  • It means you can still earn a decent salary while gaining the skills and knowledge to build an exciting, new career.

  • As a mature student, we will provide you with the opportunity to study with flexible timetables. This includes the choice of daytime, weekend and evening classes depending on availability.


  3. Studying in smaller classes

  • It has been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. If a class size is fewer than 20 students, the result will be more individually focused with better communication between the lecturer and student.

  • Career Tree offers universities with smaller classes and personalised attention.

  • With plenty of hands-on assignments and interaction with classmates, our focus is on providing a more effective learning experience. 

  • Students learn better and faster in our smaller classes, better preparing them for the workforce.

  4. Your life experience helps you to easily understand the courses

  • Having work experience, or experience of forming a family can impact on developing your invaluable skills such as organisation, money management, confidence, self-discipline, etc.

  • As you can see, all of these experiences provide a good foundation and aptitude for studying for your desired degree.

  • You have had a chance to learn a lot of things without realising them. Watching the news, reading books and interacting with people help you to build your knowledge of the world and society.



  5. Employers prefer to hire mature students

  • Most graduates are struggling when they want to look for a job as employers hire mostly experienced and qualified people. 

  • Graduating as a mature student, you can take advantage of this requirement by being both experienced and qualified

  • Rather than wasting your time at another job, you will find employers that will get you into Careers where your true passion lies.

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