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Career Tree announces "Student into Work" scheme

Starting in January 2023 here at Career Tree, we are happy to introduce our new “students into work” scheme, where we support, manage and place students into paid work placements whilst they learn.

The opportunities we provide span across our entire range of courses ranging from business to healthcare, with new positions being added throughout the year.

At Career Tree, we are committed to supporting and providing work placements designed to give students who are of age 21 and above, a realistic, engaging and enjoyable insight into the industry. Through these opportunities, students will increase the skills and competencies that are highly sought by employers. Most importantly, they get a head start in their dream career with networking opportunities.

As a participant, you will:

  • Gain industry experience and test drive a career in your chosen industry

  • Receive ongoing training based on your specific skill needs and interests

  • Embrace the opportunity to work alongside experts in that field

Location: UK, various locations.

With the benefits you receive from work placements, you can set yourself apart from the competition, taking the crucial step that will help to advance your career.

Secure your paid work placement with Career Tree today!

Career Tree is calling on more organisations to support and offer work experience placements for mature students. For more information, email

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